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July 10, 2013
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Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS
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7 mm
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Jul 8, 2013, 6:39:04 PM
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mass effect miranda lawson plush, chibi style! by viciouspretty mass effect miranda lawson plush, chibi style! by viciouspretty
this is a pretty simple plush, but my first human female so it took me awhile to nail down how i wanted her to look. she's not my favorite mass effect female, but is widely requested, and my eventual goal is to have the whole squad of plushies. :D

i special ordered the fabric for her catsuit, which i found on spoonflower. the hair is (obviously) a wig, which i darkened in places with prismacolor markers. i tried several fabric options, but nothing had the shiny, flowy actual hair look i was going for. :D

side note: please don't ask me where her, uh... "assets" are. i know that's one of the things she's known for physically, but it just felt wrong putting them on a plushie.
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Sakairi-chan Nov 7, 2013   General Artist
So pretty~
I'm not fond of the character either but adorable plush none the less
Where did you find the wig? If you don't mind me asking
(i'm so sorry, i thought i answered this already!) i used a build a bear wig! ha! it had the perfect "swoop" for miranda, and was about the right size. :D
Sakairi-chan Nov 14, 2013   General Artist
oh wow!
that worked out nicely~
These are actually so awesome! You should make some tutorials on how tomake these!
Thanks!! Actually, every time I start a new plush I go, "this is the one! The one I will make a pattern for!!" And then... nope! Ha! I have no patterns for any of them. 
Treyos Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Her assets? You mean her wit and charm, right? The rest is all just genetics, anyway. ;)
Vitae-Insanity Jul 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I shrieked. Maybe I squealed. It was something close to both of those things. PRECIOUS! Look at her little belt! LOOK AT THE LITTLE BELT! IT IS SO PRECIOUS! I looooove the hair! The wig was an excellent choice! Miranda is so darling xD And you even did the little stitchings/markings on her collar and sleeves!

I agree with you. Miranda isn't one of my favorite characters, she's alright and I enjoy how much her character progresses but I still like others better :3

Also, I laughed out loud at the "assets" bit. Mostly because the word 'ass' is in 'assets' and I am juvenile and enjoy puns way too much. BUT I also agree with you on that note. I really think it would have looked strange if you included them in the plush xD I enjoy that you kept it simple and the overall character is still recognizable (and completely lovable) without them! Excellent work as usual!

(Also I keep staring at her cute little feet and it looks like she's wearing footie pajamas and EEEEEE!)
aww, you're so sweet! my husband loves miranda (>.>) and he had been asking for this plush for awhile, but i was really stuck on the hair so the plush sat there (bald)for awhile. hooray for tiny wigs! ;D

when i put it on my twitter i was thinking, "please, please, don't ask me where her boobs/butt are", but only a handful of people have asked. so that's not so bad.
Vitae-Insanity Jul 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ahahahaha! Bald plush Miranda is a funny mental image ^_^ Glad you figured out what to do! It turned out fabulously. I'm also glad you're not getting any flak for the lack of assets :)
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